1199 Love Banquet..2015

The South Heights Kids take their families out for the evening.

From Principal Rob Carroll in his weekly staff newsletter…

I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about Saturday night’s big event…”The Love Banquet!” This is truly a one of a kind happening.

Let’s review: Our students earned hundreds of Blazer Bucks in the fall to spend at Santa’s Treasure Island Mall. As you know, they always try to buy for their families first. One of the options, the last two years, is the Love Banquet…a night of food and entertainment offered by a partner of ours!

If you haven’t been…you almost can’t comprehend the “bigness” of it!

IMG_9207Students and their families arrive to a grand dining room that extends through the whole building! They are welcomed by hostesses in white shirts and black pants. As the evening rolls on, our families are fed delicious meals (brought to their tables by volunteer servers), provided with incredible entertainment (thank you Beauty and the Beast cast, Anthony and Mr. DBO), had the chance to win over $2500 in giveaways, and were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet and listen to former UK/NBA star Kalenna Azubukie!

What a night? Let’s look at the numbers: 280 guests, 100 volunteers, $2500 in giveaways, and $4000 for dinner and extras. That just tells part of the story though. This means so much to the 1199! True partners are not easy to come by. We are blessed with several. This event, in our minds, is such an incredible outpouring of “love” in our students’ direction! Why? Because the volunteers from One Life Church don’t have to do this. That is what makes it so powerful. They choose to! hundreds of hours of planning and preparation with the only outcome being “love” and they chose our kids! Cynthia, Ryan, and the rest of the volunteers…just like you showed our students such incredible love…we want you to know that the feeling is mutual. We care about who cares for our students. It is obvious you do!

This is not about churches and schools. It’s about partners coming together to benefit our kids! ILARAMBAS and thank you! ….Rob Carroll

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